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Gea Sofa Outdoor by Giorgetti: Simplicity and Accents

The "Open Air" collection of outdoor furnishings from Giorgetti, one of their most recent and already acclaimed by the public, is certainly new because it contains pieces that can enhance your outdoor spaces in an original and unique way.

There are many different proposals, ranging from chairs to tables, and also including beach loungers and decorative complements.

The most popular collection is Gea from the designer Chi Wing Lo 2017, and its name derives from the Greek word "γαια", which of course means "earth".

This last piece, as the important name conveys, was created to valuate the beauty of outdoor life, interpreted as the best way to live in close contact with nature.

Regarding Gea, today we would like to show you, in particular, the elegant but discreet outdoor loveseat, a product based on a combination of materials and new textures.

With its soft backrest cushions inviting the guest to a state of total comfort and creating pleasant contrast with the minimal line of the base, Gea is certainly not a piece that will go unnoticed on your terrace or in your garden.

The features worth noting are mainly the pattern of woods, chosen from the exclusive varieties of Abonos oak, a thousand-year old fossil wood sourced from rivers, and afrormosia.

The sofa is available also with elements in marble orient, brushed orient and fine designs on the surface, details created for the purpose of rendering the slat appearance more three-dimensional and refining one of the two sides of the loveseat.

Therefore, if you are not sure how to furnish your outdoor space, the Gea sofa is certainly the piece that you need, because it was built to enhance and valuate the outdoors and provide you with a the level of relaxation that you have with indoor furniture.

Come try it out at our showroom! You won't leave the store without one of your own!