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Giorgetti Outfits Restaurant 181 in Munich

In Munich, Germany, precisely at the Olympic Tower, is the location of Restaurant 181, and elegant eatery that takes its name from its privileged position, at 181 meters above the ground.

In fact, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking 360° panoramic view of the city from the restaurant. The cuisine is no less spectacular, with rave reviews to confirm that it is truly delicious and very exclusive.

Giorgetti, which has taken part in the restaurant furnishing project in partnership with Do&Co, outfitted the environment with the simple, elegant lines of the iconic Alina armchairs, designed by Antonello Mosca.

Alina is a chair with a squarish shape and a very linear form, which makes the structure look like a mere outline of the perimeter.

The base, in solid American walnut, forms a balanced support for the soft seat covered in leather. One look at this chair immediately brings to mind ancient manufacturing traditions.