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New Cultural Project for Giorgetti's 120th Anniversary

For over a century, Giorgetti has been blazing a trail in the national and international market, by offering a vast product range that can design original atmospheres with striking personalities.

This is the same basic idea that the brand plans to use to celebrate 120 years of stories, places, paths, projects and objects.

They have created a new project, which they identify as a Cultural Manifesto, created specifically to evoke the lightness with which Giorgetti looks back on its 120-year history, to then project itself into the future.

The project is called "From Retrospective Through Introspection to Perspective", and masterfully weaves artisan tradition with stylistic innovation to unite two worlds that seem to be very far from one another.

The Manifesto is designed to tell the story of this anniversary, sharing curious perspectives with readers in complete freedom, where art, artisanship, tradition and innovation meet.

It could even define itself as a sort of cultural "centre" for new digital explorations, that range from design to the people who make design, through a richness of the narration that only Giorgetti is able to transmit with the lightness of freedom and optimism.