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New Giorgetti Products Presented at Salone del Mobile

During its time at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Giorgetti presented different new products with the most prestigious names in contemporary design.

Some of these illustrious designers Carlo Colombo, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Umberto Asnago, Roberto Lazzeroni and m2atelier.

The large exhibition layout was centred round the kitchen, with its architectural characteristics and design finishes.

In this area, the main attraction was the GK.03, an evolution of the two previous kitchen models. Giorgetti used this new model to confirm its intention to build a complete interior design project destined to cover most of the environments present in homes.

During the Salone del Mobile, Giorgetti also decided to celebrate its 120th birthday with two icons from the collection, revamped for the important occasion: the small armchair Dry by Massimo Morozzi and the folding chair 50250 by Adriano and Paolo Suman.

These two visionary, contemporary projects represented the perfect combination of sculptural suggestions and technological innovation.

The Salone was truly the perfect occasion to commemorate this important anniversary and also to celebrate good design. The type that Giorgetti has always offered successfully combines creativity, function and quality.