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New Giorgetti Colour Schemes Desert Dune and Day&Night

Giorgetti has created new finishes for the coverings of its indoor furnishings to initiate a new type of elegance, perfect for creating an exotic or sophisticated atmosphere.

The collection consists of 6 mood boards with a mix of very refined colour combinations and textures that can make any room unique. The most interesting are certainly Desert Dune and Day&Night.

The first takes us into the driest land on earth, where the evocative colours of sand dunes of the Sahara are prevalent, hence the name. In the Sahara Desert, the dunes are famous for their ton sur ton style in the colours sand, clay, candied chestnut and stone. They match the natural materials of the collection, such as wood and marble, and render them softer and more familiar.

In net contrast, the Day&Night variant focuses on optical white, in harmoniously combinations with darker hues like midnight blue or the deep black of Portoro marble.

The colour contrast is a literal observation of the words of the master designer and artist Le Corbusier, who said, "White, to get on well, needs a great deal of colourful noise around it."

All of the new finishes are already available. Take a look at them in the new Giorgetti catalogue.