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Matrix by Giorgetti: Looking Forward by Looking Back

During its long career, Giorgetti has revisited the 1980s, one of the most significant and creative moments in its production history and for the entire design sector.

And so, fully convinced of this direction, the company decided to go back into its past projects to get two of the best projects from that time. Both of these are visionary and expressive, in the right combination: the Dry chair and the 50250 armchair.

Both are made by Matrix, the division of the company founded in 1985 to make collections with a strong sculptural imprint and a style free from constraints. Actually, these two products are icons from that time, and they fully reflect its creativity.

The first project is a chair and small armchair designed by Massimo Morozzi and made with a joint technique, without using glue, that ensures that the 32 components of the chair can be separated completely.

The exclusive detail of this piece is its multi-coloured finish, available in different variants - all of which have a truly original personality.

The 50250, by Adriano and Paolo Suman, is a small folding armchairwith a high technological content.

In fact, the armchair has hinges in the centre of the seat and its backrest is completely flexible.

Now, as they were back then, these products indicate a certain train of thought: they are creative, exclusive and elegant, all at the same time.