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Giorgetti Presents The Cabinet of Memories

The designer, Chi Wing Lo, has created an extraordinary project to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Giorgetti: it is a cabinet-sculpture measuring 2018 mm in height and 2018 mm in width, conceived to be a poetic interpretation of the world of Giorgetti, and also of the world of the designer himself

This is the Cabinet of Memories, a collector's piece that looks like a precious chest. It is made of maple wood and formed from 120 boxes that alternate in a balanced way between the light and dark wood finishes.

The chest symbolises the continuous interaction between past and present, which is actually the essence of Giorgetti.

The object is rendered exclusive by the use of an ancient and very precise woodworking technique that, along with technological experimentation, expressed through the use of carbon fibre to give the door surface a special feel and make it unique.

The Cabinet of Memories invites us to keep the most precious and important moments of our lives inside it, thus allowing us to collect memories, ideas, experiences and moods.

Therefore, memory is used as a starting point to reflect on the past and to start building the future. After all, this is actually the objective of authentic Italian design.