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Giorgetti Furniture in a Jakarta Office

Giorgetti has taken part in a furnishing project for an office in the Central Business District of Jakarta, Indonesia.

The brand was selected by the Kezia Karin interior design studio, which also, in collaboration with Giorgetti Atelier in Jakarta, has finished the work spaces of the executive centre.

Corpus Group is the name of the company that owns the office spaces. They have chosen several Giorgetti pieces to render their environment welcoming and functional.

The most important piece is the Tycoon executive desk by Roberto Lazzeroni, in maple and Indian Rosewood, enhanced with precious details in saddle leather and metal, and adorned with a lovely geometric pattern on the top.

In the background, they also have the Nea bookcase, designed by Chi Wing Lo. In one glance, it can convey a sense of lightness through its graceful shape because it seems to almost float in the air. It can be used not only to hold books or objects, but also as a partition between rooms, which gives a sense of depth and transparency to the space.

To complete the furnishing project, there are also the Ago occasional tables with tops in Calacatta Gold marble, by Carlo Colombo, and the Denny armchairs by Laura Silvestrini.

These pieces are perfect for setting up the waiting rooms. They help create a charming and comfortable space where people can relax and feel at ease as they wait to be received.