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Giorgetti Wins Special Award "Imprenditore 4.0 - Design"

Giorgetti got the Premio Speciale "Imprenditore 4.0 - design" from the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza and Lodi.

The award was created to give a voice to companies in the design sector that are actively developing new corporate production processes applied to design, in such a way as to maintain Italy's artisan and manufacturing traditions.

In order to win this award, these companies must demonstrate that they have a very precise vision of the future for the purposes of reinforcing their competitiveness, also at the international level.

Giorgetti, which sums up all of these characteristics, was selected out of a group of companies that are just as significant in the area. Therefore, the award goes to the company, and also to the people who work there.

Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of Giorgetti accepted the prize on 1 July at the Villa Reale in Monza. He spoke of the acknowledgement as the celebration of the the wise use of manual techniques and the ability to combine technology with manufacturing expertise. These concepts have been distinguishing features of all Giorgetti products for the past 120 years.