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New Grand Tour Collection by Giorgetti

The Giorgetti brand has created Grand Tour, a collection that includes a folding chair and table.

Designed by Paolo Suman, this furniture series was conceived to represent an itinerary that winds through history, culture, design and technology.

The name references the long trips taken by young aristocrats during the 17th century to explore other countries and enhance their cultural knowledge.

This is the basis for Giorgetti's concept, in which the transportability feature of the folding chair symbolises the idea of having furniture that can recreate the comfort of home wherever we go.

The chair is made in solid canaletto walnut with removable upholstery in fabric or leather. Its essential design is rich in functional solutions.

The backrest is solid and flexible, which shows a very attentive style of woodworking and enhances the unexpected possibilities offered by technological innovation when it is applied to artisan production.

The small table is also portable, and presents a repetitive pattern of rectangular modules.