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The Excellence of Giorgetti Atmosphere Rugs

The collection of Atmosphere carpets by Giorgetti originates in a faraway land, drawing from ancient artisan traditions from Nepal where hand looms have been used for millennia.

The materials that the rugs are made from are also quite special, due to their absolute quality: noble textiles like bamboo silk or natural silk.

To render their exclusive nature complete, these rugs have prestigious decorative elements, perfect for furnishing any type of environment. They add a touch of "atmosphere" to the rooms and make them unique.

The collection includes carpets for the floors, along with a line of carpets called "Tapestry" to furnish the walls. This last product line is a series of tapestries in linen and silk that cannot be described as mere furnishing accessories; they have earned the status of authentic centrepieces of the interior space.

Some carpets, due to the materials used to make them, can be used both indoors and outdoors: in the courtyard, near the pool or even on the terrace. A few of these are Hauban, Lolla and Doora, with exclusive, sophisticated weaves, able to meet the highest quality standards for outdoor furnishings.