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GK.03 by Giorgetti: Beyond the Kitchen

Giorgetti presented its new kitchen at Salone del Mobile 2018. The new GK.03 is a new architectural project that develops in perfect balance between artisan craftsmanship and industrial innovation.

Its main features are certainly the clean, continuous surfaces, forms with every detail finished, research into materials and overall aesthetics with impressive visual impact that make it possible for the kitchen environment to integrate perfectly into the interior décor.

The kitchen is no longer only a merely functional space where we prepare food. It is something more, that encompasses the entire indoor environment.

An elegant island stands as a centrepiece in the room, and behind it, in a separate area, stands a very practical accessorised wall.

With this solution, the project integrates the concept of a boiserie panel with that of a walk-in wardrobe, where everything because easy to reach, at our fingertips.

The wall units have brackets for shelves and a series of accessories for organising flatware and bottles, and also to raise herbs for cooking.

These shelves are electrified, but without wires, so that they can be moved as desired to fit the needs of the moment.