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Giorgetti Furnishings at Berton Restaurant in Milan

In the modern, linear context of the futuristic district Porta Nuova Varesine in Milan, we find the new restaurant Berton, owned by the starred chef Andrea Berton.

This restaurant features an essential, elegant style of cuisine where the flavours are clear and tasty, which helps create a unique, refined atmosphere.

Next to this, the real centre of the restaurant is the large dining room, reflecting the same style of the cooking, in line with the chef's philosophy.

Elegant and sober, with a glass wall separating it from the kitchen, the dining room allows guests to observe the preparation phase. Its furnishings include a selection of refined pieces, which all adapt perfectly to the surrounding atmosphere.

Among these, we can see a few pieces from the Giorgetti collection: Diana by Carlo Colombo and Reverso by Massimo Scolari.

The first is a comfortable passe-partout chair perfect for use as a dining chair, around a table or smaller table that has been adapted for this particular use. The second is an extraordinarily simple round table that has been placed in a small waiting area.

Giorgetti furnishings seem to harmonise completely with the entire restaurant interior and certainly contribute to making the room unique in style.

To complete the unique atmosphere of this restaurant is its menu, which focuses on a special broth, promoted as an authentic dish. This is the very simple, main ingredient to every dish, along with many other excellent quality foods.

A very special restaurant, indeed.