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Bond by Giorgetti: Modern Furniture with an Ancient Origin

The folding screen was invented many centuries ago, and Giorgetti, in its perfect balance between tradition and innovation, has created a reinterpreted version that fits contemporary needs.

In the past, screens were usually placed in hidden areas in the home, such as the bedroom, to create what used to be called a
"ladies' sitting room". It was a
secret space where where women could relax without being disturbed or observed by indiscreet eyes.

Today, however, today, we always need to optimise space in our homes, and so the function of this accessory has changed. Giorgetti has decided to use this change to create its proposal.

This is how the Bond project from the Giorgetti Atmosphere collection evolved. This solution uses refined, original pieces to satisfy more common modern needs, like dividing and decorating rooms, and enhancing spaces while creating an alternative focal point.

Bond is made of a series of rings. Different combinations and compositions can divide a room while conveying a sense of lightness, transparency and refinement of space, making the room unique and more functional.

Its materials are certainly its strong point, and the main preference is Canaletto walnut wood, offered in different finishes and enhanced by a bronze coloured paint.

With Bond, the screen can also change destinations from the bedroom to the living room in a very natural way, depending on the user's needs. However, this change does not alter its main function, which is to create intimate, reserved spaces - such as dedicated areas for work or study - out of a larger, more open room.