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New Fit Bench by Giorgetti

The "bench" appeared long before the chair and can easily adapt to different parts of the home and several uses.

Benches can be modern or traditional, classic in wood, or contemporary in other materials like marble and glass. There should always be a bench in the living room.

Why? This multi-purpose piece can be used for seating, as a substitution for another piece, such as a classic coffee table, or as a free-standing shelf or console.

The variety of these uses and environments has prompted Giorgetti to make Fit, a bench (or table, depending on your point of view) designed by Giancarlo Bisio and the Centro Ricerche Giorgetti, that is quickly becoming an icon of the collection.

Perfect for the bedroom, at the foot of the bed, or in the entryway or hallway of a home as a place to rest or set objects, Fit has an original shape and an unusual decoration at the base.

The decoration is an element formed from repeated Canaletto walnut strips with the base in grey crystal. Available in a square or rectangular shape, its top is also decorated with details in marble, leather and metal. The rectangular model also has a seating element.

Perfect as a low table or multitasking bench, Fit immediately reveals the great expertise of master craftsmen in creating highly original pieces, obtained by the simple intersection of geometric elements.

The result is an optical effect that resembles decorations from the 1960s, which makes this product a sort of bridge between modern design and traditional craftsmanship.