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Matrix by Giorgetti: a Mix of Design and Avant-garde

Matrix is a division of Giorgetti founded in 1985 to produce collections with a revolutionary, sculptural style and to reclaim the idea of concepts free from preconceived designs.

This line was produced alongside the brand's classic production with a line of furnishings characterised by originality and avant-garde design.

Giorgetti applies to Matrix the same artisan care and attention that it uses for its traditional line, so that each piece is an true contemporary masterpiece, almost an unmatched, one-of-a-kind object.

The Matrix line is exclusive also because it is designed by exponents of avant-garde design culture, who are known for their originality.

The Matrix catalogue from 1985, for example, is where Giorgetti went looking for two visionary works to reintroduce: the chairs Dry and 50250. These pieces are proof of how the company continuously looks into the future, even though it is revisiting its past.

This revisitation is a way to keep excitement and novelty alive, because these traits were normal throughout the entire design sector, especially in the 1980s.

Therefore, this was the initial thought behind Giorgetti digging into its archives to "dust off" the two projects Dry and 50250.

The first is a very particular chair designed by Massimo Morozzi, made without using any type of glue. The 32 pieces in this chair are assembled dry, and they fit together with metal connection screws. The multi-coloured finish enhances the original personality of this chair.

The second piece, designed by Adriano and Paolo Suman, is a folding armchair with a high-tech element. The hinges at the centre of the seat and the backrest are flexible.

Both chairs have an exclusive, contemporary look that enhances the stylistic, eccentric style of the 1980s.