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Giorgetti Renews its Campaign "How Different Would You Be"?

Time for renewal at Giorgetti, since they have decided to revamp their current campaign "How Different Would You Be"? with a new chapter that draws attention to the stylistic language of Giorgetti design in a balanced contrast with the location in which the brand's products are presented: the 19th century halls of Palazzo della Pilotta in Parma.

Within this solemn scenography of monumental volumes and neoclassical architectural highlights, Giorgetti has decided to pay tribute to a broad cultural heritage that is preserved in the museum that is also located in this venue.

One of the featured collections is Adam, which becomes the iconic object of the new campaign, along with the All Around armchairs, the Fit tables and the elegant furnishing element, The Cabinet of Memories.

As for previous campaigns, this one also focuses on interpreting Giorgetti furnishings through this setting, drawing attention to and accenting their simultaneously traditional and contemporary essence.

The richness of details in the new campaign also shows in the proposals of the Giorgetti Atmosphere collection. With its vases, carpets, lamps and decorative elements, it conveys a diversified stylistic nature and and an extraordinarily eclectic language.