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Giorgetti's First Real Estate Project in Houston

Giorgetti has signed for a prestigious architectural project that will be built in the Upper Kirby District in Houston.

The building, which will have 7 floors with 32 large flats, will be called Giorgetti Houston and it will be the very first real estate project to bear the Giorgetti name.

Giorgetti Houston was created through the collaboration with different exceptional partners, such as: Mirador, a Texan company specialised in architecture and interior design; Sudhoff Company, a leader in real estate consulting and sales; and Internum, the retail chain that represents Giorgetti in a few important areas of the United States of America.

Materials like maple wood paired with metal, marble, leather or fabric were the main source of inspiration for this project and, for this reason, were used to furnish the apartments.

Specifically, the Origami cabinet provided inspiration for the building's external façade.

The interiors feature several different walk-in wardrobes and kitchens, conceived also for open air spaces, which were created especially for the building, customising the entire area inside each apartment.

One of the more interesting features is the elegant hall furnished with Giorgetti products that will welcome residents with a very particular atmosphere, though welcoming and sober, as a first impression.

The same mood is proposed also in the furnishings of the various flats, which will display a collection of very precise stylistic choices, high artisan quality and - above all - contemporary solutions that offer an extremely dynamic image of living solutions.