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Alfred Cart by Giorgetti Wins Wallpaper* Design Award 2019

The Alfred cart made by Giorgetti has won the Wallpaper* Design Award 2019, founded by the reputable British magazine by the same name, in the category "Best meals on wheels", which shows the level of commitment behind Giorgetti's entrance into the kitchen sector.

The jury of the prestigious award was made up of well-known personalities in the design and art sectors, including Paola Antonelli, director of the design section of MOMA in New York and curator of the XXII Triennale di Milano, and designer Philippe Malouin, who chose Alfred for its many functions.

The cart is a free-standing, movable capsule that is easily transformed into a functional kitchen organisation element. It is built in Canaletto walnut and has a marble top and a series of drawers that rotate on two pins, which conveys a wide range of movement to the piece.

When opened, every compartment of Alfred is available for a specific function or type of storage, such as a holding cutting boards or knives, which provides complete support for everything the chef needs.

Designed by the Centro Ricerche Giorgetti, Alfred is the result of careful analysis on the habits and movements that characterise the "fluidity" of modern times.

This kitchen system is ready to use. In fact, it is able to completely satisfy all functions required of it in the contemporary kitchen, where the action of preparing meals has become a spontaneous sharing of roles.

Alfred's victory is, for Giorgetti, a great honour, firstly, and secondly another incentive to continue improving in their new adventure of making kitchens that are always in step with the times, while offering more convenience to the people who are actually involved in culinary processes.