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In Paris Object to Project Continues

The travelling exhibition Object to Project by Giorgetti is still on, to promote the culture of quality design.

After its last stop in December 2018, in Beijing, the exhibition made its début on 21 January 2019 in Paris, with the film Object to Project: Giorgetti Design since 1898 at the Hotel de L'Industrie, and then it went on to the brand's single-brand store, just a short distance from the hotel.

The exhibition was introduced by the architect Roberto Palomba, who presented Giorgetti's mission to the world effective and in great detail.

The store's cosy spaces were the backdrop for his talk, which were decorated for the occasion of the grand opening also thanks to two exceptional partners that share Giorgetti's passion and love for seeking excellence: Omlog, lifestyle logistics, and Marchesi Antinori.

The latter provided a refined selection of Tuscan wines that, along with the film, completed the atmosphere - elegant with a touch of familiar comfort.