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Giorgetti and Maserati at Geneva Auto Show

From 7 to 17 March, Giorgetti is basking in the spotlight at the Geneva Auto Show with the luxury automobile brand Maserati.

In a special space inside the Maserati stand, the furniture brand will be celebrating and presenting the secrets of woodworking, an activity that has always defined Giorgetti's production.

The stand has been totally revisited - in design, materials and content - to become a testimony to Italian craftsmanship, high quality cabinetry and technological innovation.

Specifically, the stand is divided into three thematic areas, one of which exclusively dedicated to Giorgetti and its artisan expertise.

The focal point will be woodworking processes, which the company has been maintaining and perfecting for a century, and a table with a selection of tools is present to show the public what lies behind the artisan process.

The layout also includes a decorative panel with a 3D pattern and several car parts, among which, a few strips of the Maserati Quattroporte dashboard, re-designed and crafted by the master craftsman at Giorgetti in solid wood.

But that's not all! Visitors to the Maserati stand can rest in two comfortable lounges furnished with some of the brand's signature sofas, armchairs and tables.

Needless to say, Giorgetti has made the space truly elegant and perfectly welcoming at the same time. It blends the most important values of the two companies harmoniously, starting with their long production history.