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Cipria Moodboard by Giorgetti

Giorgetti has created four new moodboards exclusively for interiors that will become a part of the collection's chromatic finishes.

These are a mix of colour palettes to create the right atmosphere in the home - welcoming and sophisticated at the same time.

Among these, the most interesting is certainly Cipria, a solution named after the coloured powder used to set make-up. This moodboard makes the room feel more "intimate and familiar" because of its soft delicate colours alternated with darker shades, exactly like cosmetics enhance facial features.

The pale pink forms a harmonious match with charcoal or light coloured marble, just like different shades of powder accent light or dark skin, with colouring that ranges from milky to olive to cinnamon.

Cipria is also perfect for darker shades like canaletto walnut or lead grey: it creates an "ice effect" that looks perfect in rooms were dark colours prevail, adding a touch of light.

To complete the moodboard, we've added textures and fabrics that can be matched with other materials, such asmarble and wood veining, to give the products more depth and weight.