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GK.02 by Giorgetti: Stylistic Rigour and Technology

Some of the most interesting products from Giorgetti include its kitchens, obviously, which stand out among the more "youthful" pieces in the collection for their stylistic rigour and extensive functionality.

In particular, we would like to spotlight the latest addition to the Giorgetti family, the GK.02 kitchen.

With its fascinating technological solutions and a wide range of finishes to choose from, this kitchen is a unique project that can render the environment where it is installed unforgettable.

GK.02 is a versatile linear kitchen made with pure geometries as the main feature, which mix with elegant materials and fine craftsmanship to bring out different personalities in each model.

Able to adapt easily to any type of room, its signature characteristic is the totally flat, clean surface of the doors, which have grooves as recessed handles.

The other important details go beyond simple functionality to become actual stylistic elements that add value to the entire kitchen personality.

For example, the aluminium profiles set off the surface panels, creating an original graphic effect that turns out to be quite pleasing.

GK.02 is certainly an exclusive product that offers much more than the usual "kitchen concept".