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Giorgetti's New Deep Ocean Moodboard

After the "Cipria" moodboard with its delicate shades of light and darker tones of pink, just like real make-up powder, Giorgetti has released another attractive new colour scheme that was designed to create the right atmosphere in your home.

They've named it Deep Ocean, a solution that includes the dark hues of the ocean along with different shades of blue alternating with lighter complementary colours to create the typical brilliance of frothing waves.

The main colour of this new chromatic palette is teal, which gives volume to both leather and fabric, and mixes well with other shades of blue. Teal is also perfect when paired with the precious glossy finish in shades of violet.

This truly unique chromatic texture adds a three-dimensional aspect to products, and recalls the movement of water and the colour of waves.

Another interesting detail in this moodboard adds a touch of the beach - sand - reproduced in the veining of the zebrino marble and details in canaletto walnut.