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New Tamino Collection by Giorgetti

One of the most interesting new products from Giorgetti is the Tamino collection, a series of chairs and sofas designed by Roberto Lazzeroni.

The frame of each piece in this series is in American walnut, and comes in two variants: one with a single floor-standing base and the other with cast metal feet.

Elements in this series stand out even more due to their rounded perimeters and corners, shapes that define the outline discreetly and elegantly. This type of silhouette gives these pieces a very refined look.

Visible seams on the external profile also contribute to their refined appearance, with inverse piping being the distinctive feature of the sofa and chair upholstery.

The Tamino collection also provides the exclusive option of choosing different colour combinations and different materials to make your chair or sofa, and add a touch of new personality to the design.