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All Around by Giorgetti: the Perfect Relaxing Refuge

We would like to present many of Giorgetti's new products for 2019. Today, we're going to talk about one that conveys a sense of extreme softness and relaxation.

It's All Around, a fixed or swivel-based armchair that can interpret space within other spaces in a new way.

Offered in different fabric and leather finishes, this chair is available with a low or high backrest to offer different types of rest.

Its main feature is the exclusive shape - soft, roundish and smooth - that makes it look like an island surrounded by the sea.

This is the place to come for complete relaxation, You'll feel submerged in comfort in the chair's gentle form.

Its single shell frame makes it more compact and easy to manage.

All Around is "the right chair at the right time", able to give you moments of peace and tranquillity and let you forget life for the moment.

Moreover, All Around also comes in a loveseat version, the perfect place to rest together.