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New Disegual Cabinet by Giorgetti

One of the new items from the Giorgetti collection of 2019 will absolutely not go unnoticed. The new Disegual cabinet by Umberto Asnago is artistic and impeccably designed piece.

This piece of storage furniture is perfectly and deliberately asymmetrical, with a strong decorative impact. Made in ash wood, it has inserts in the top in different types of materials.

The name Disegual was also chosen because no two of its details are alike, and this lack of symmetry creates unexpected harmony.

The exclusive appeal of the piece is completed by the different materials available to make the top, which outline and enhance the other surfaces. Possible options include American walnut, marble, Peltrox and crystal glass, all very different but also of high quality and undoubted value.

Disegual is perfect for becoming the absolute centre of attention in a room, giving it an original artistic note that makes it truly unique.