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Introducing Giorgetti's New Skyline Sofa

Skyline, the ideal solution for people who prefer super comfortable modular seating systems, has been added to Giorgetti's new collection.

From mini to maxi-sized versions, Skyline can be reconfigured when needed throughout its lifetime. Functional elements can be added which can also be used as armrests.

However, the most interesting feature is the latest generation mechanism that makes it possible to recline the headrest to adapt the sofa to one's own position and rest as comfortably as possible.

The sofa upholstery is completely removable so that maintenance is easy, and the cover can be changed if necessary.

Therefore, Skyline is fully outfitted to render your living room extra comfortable without giving up style.

If you are interested in seeing Skyline, or other products from the Giorgetti collection, just come see us at our showroom and choose the solution that best fits your taste. We would be happy to help you create the perfect furnishing project for your home!