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New Natural Moodboard by Giorgetti

Giorgetti has created four new moodboards dedicated to interior design that, in the wake of the previous Deep Ocean and Cipria moodboards, will make Giorgetti furniture truly exclusive.

It features a mix of colour palettes and textures designed to create the right atmosphere in your house, considering each and every detail.

Natural features light, soft colours, enlivened by an antique red that enriches the room with light.

The materials comprised in the moodboard collection include red nubuck, a type of precious leather very soft to touch, loop, an exquisite fabric, curly, in its optical white version, and the prestigious beige Dante leather.

These materials are matched with golden Calacatta marble, a material well known for its suggestive veining, which differs from the monochrome outline of the other materials.

The moodboards comprise the precious Canaletto walnut that, thanks to its chocolate shade, enhances even the smallest details of wood.

The new moodboard is a fusion of truly unique colours and materials, to enhance the Giorgetti furnishing collections to the fullest, and taking them one step ahead.