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GK.03 by Giorgetti: More Than a Simple Kitchen Concept

Giorgetti has created a high level of definition of space with its GK.03 kitchen, which develops into an architectural structure that becomes an interplay of perspective, surfaces and visual overlapping.

Designed to be a concealed kitchen, GK.03 has discreet sliding glass doors that conveniently separate it from the living room area while preserving the continuity of the entire home.

In this way, the living room and kitchen areas touch and interact, becoming a single unit with what is really the heart of conviviality and domestic life.

One of the most interesting characteristics of this kitchen is the handle, an element of style that distinguishes the entire project. GK.03 handles are made of two materials: aluminium and solid wood, two different but complementary materials that Giorgetti has used to create new and unusual combinations.

The wall fittings are also a defining feature. These elements provide support for shelves electrified without visible wiring and also make it possible to move the shelves when necessary to fit changing needs.

The kitchen is completed with a system of customisable containers with different accessories. These modular solutions are perfect for organising space in a functional way.

This kitchen is much more than a place to fix and eat food. It unfolds into an unexpected solution that can satisfy different needs and a range of tastes without ever compromising on elegance.