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Hypnos by Giorgetti: much more than just a bed

What is the best choice for furnishing your bedroom with taste and style? One of the best selling products from Giorgetti is the Hypnos bed, designed by Umberto Asnago.

Its hallmark structure in a thin but robust sheet of wood has been curved by expert artisans, an expression of true craftsmanship. This gives the bed a lighter, more elegant look without giving up comfort at all.

The headboard in canaletto walnut is equally as elegant. In the centre, it sports a padded area with a removable cover in quilted fabric or leather with stitching that makes it extremely comfortable and convenient for cleaning.

The padded headboard and the natural padding of the mattress are the perfect combination for improving sleep quality.

The Hypnos bed also has a bed platform in fabric or leather, perfectly coordinated with the headboard cover.