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Giorgetti's 2020 Object to Project Campaign

Giorgetti has launched a new advertising campaign in which design and architecture blend in the daily living experience to create a timeless concept of a sophisticated international lifestyle.

Introducing the new 2020 "Object to Project" campaign: the title mentions the prestigious publication that the brand issued to celebrate their 120th anniversary.

This campaign, like for the 120th celebration, places emphasis on the company's ability to design whole rooms filled with products and objects.

The central focus is pure, rational architecture, a conceptual approach in which attention to detail, exquisite craftsmanship and artistic sensitivity emerge and blend.

Within this concept, the walls, backgrounds and boiserie panels created with materials from the Giorgetti collection are combined with the same level of attention used for each individual product.

The most important pieces in this campaign are the Skyline sofas by Carlo Colombo and the Amadeus table by Roberto Lazzeroni. Iconic products from the collection are arranged in every scene, like the Hug armchair by Rossella Pugliatti and the Nyn corner cabinet by Chi Wing Lo, all chosen to demonstrate Giorgetti's skill in creating perfect harmony between different products, shapes and finishes, and also between new products and best sellers.

The ad campaign scenography is completed with the collection's different colour palettes, ranging from warm, natural hues to modern nuances.. Some of the most important are different shades of grey, including dove greys, and typical woods used for Giorgetti's furniture, which reveal a new type of refinement in matching with teal and burgundy elements.

"Quite lovely, thought provoking, understated" could all describe this advertising campaign, where contemporary style and tradition meet and blend to form perfect compositions.