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Giorgetti's Tribute to Wood at Paris Deco Off

After IMM Cologne, under way this week in Cologne presenting the international public with all this most interesting new indoor and design products, Giorgetti will be bringing the excellence of "Made in Italy" design also to Ville Lumière for the Paris Déco Off, from 16 to 20 January 2020.

This event is the perfect meeting point between editors and creators of the international decor panorama. The French capital will be dense with shows, artistic performances and daily and evening events to involve the entire city in a creative, dynamic way.

Giorgetti will be present to tell the story of its passion for wood and outfit its Parisian store with those collections that reveal the company's extraordinary mastery of woodworking and design abilities.

In particular, the showroom's window will feature the creativity of Luciano Molinari, a Milanese cabinet maker known for his famous wooden tops, made from the scraps of other projects.

The goal is to pay homage to the precious woods that the company has always used to make most of its creations.