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Giorgetti again this year at Boot Düsseldorf Boat Trade Show

Giorgetti has decided to renew his collaboration with Monte Carlo Yachts this year on the occasion of Boot Düsseldorf, the most important indoor boat show.

The Show takes place from 18 to 26 January 2020 in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) and sees the most important international nautical brands exhibiting their latest trends.

Giorgetti will be the official partner of Monte Carlo Yachts for the furnishing of the lounge dedicated to the company and will set up the space with various products, including the new Apsara sofas and the sculptural Gea chairs.

In particular, the show will feature a combination of outdoor and indoor proposals, to show that two seemingly different environments as the exterior and the interior actually balance out well, breaking the boundaries.

Expression of this combination are the Drive sofa and the All Around seats. The space is also enriched with the scenic Disegual table, accompanied by Alexa chairs.

As in the past years, these two Italian top line producers will display to the public their design skills, bringing the same aesthetic beauty, modernity and comfort of home design to the boat sector.