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Giorgetti Furniture in a Texas Home

Giorgetti has taken part in a restoration project in a house in Courtland Place, one of the first elite residential areas in Houston, Texas.

Built in 1909, Courtland Place was a reference point for the lively are of Montrose and some of the most beautiful homes of the time were built there.

In this neighborhood, there is a large residence that measured almost 600 square meters originally, with the addition of a third floor of 75 square meters and complete with a carriage house.

The house has been under renovation for two years, and now it has finally been restored to its original splendor. The complete project involved the kitchen, two bedrooms, living rooms and various outdoor spaces.

The original architectural structure was maintained, in order to recreate the typical plaster moldings, wood finishes and other particular details that set the house apart. Inside the living spaces, many original elements were preserved, including most of the staircase and the fireplace.

The floors were redone in Listone Giordano wood but using boards of the same width as the original, which were cut from 180 year old French oak trees.

The position of the kitchen was also maintained, but the new kitchen has been outfitted and new furniture and contemporary technology.

Giorgetti has also provided many pieces of furniture which seem to fit perfectly with the home's elegant and refined style. These include Elisa chairs, the Aton sofa, the Mizar table and some pieces from the Gea collection.