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Giorgetti Atelier Adds Its Special Touch in Jakarta

Giorgetti Atelier has taken part in a furnishing project led by Jie Design in Jakarta.

After two years of work, a penthouse with an area of 1100 m2 on the 88th floor of a building in the capital of Indonesia has been presented in its new layout, completely renovated in an original style.

The interior design is based on a combination of light, neutral colours, which has produced a quiet luxury atmosphere with elegant and casual spaces.

The new home has four bedrooms, formal and informal living and dining rooms, a kitchen, a gym, a library, a service area and a private swimming pool.

It was very carefully designed, and the results are truly exclusive.

Some the most iconic products from the Giorgetti collection were selected as the focal points of these rooms, in particular, the elegant armchairs: Genius, Hug, Normal and Progetti.