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Giorgetti and Fine Canaletto Walnut

The wood Canaletto walnut is one of the materials most often used by the Centro Ricerche Giorgetti because of its unique characteristics.

Dark brown in colour with blackish veins, this type of wood originates in North America and its aesthetic qualities have caused it to be known as a highly precious wood.

Two special and important characteristics, elasticity and resistance, make this type of wood suitable for use in the construction of high quality furniture.

Another aspect to not underestimate is its consistency: walnut is a semi-hardwood, and therefore it is easy to work, cut, plane and sand even though sometimes the work can be complex.

For this reason, Giorgetti employs expert craftsmen, who build furniture with passion and care: perfect woodworking that optimizes the material to the utmost.

Canaletto walnut can satisfy all furniture needs by fitting into any decorating scheme and adding a note of classic taste that is always pleasant and welcome.

Therefore, if you would like to purchase a complement, and don't know which material to choose for your new furniture piece, the answer to this question is certainly Canaletto walnut.