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Ago Sofa by Giorgetti: The Beauty of Staying Home

At such a delicate time as this, when "staying home" is an essential way of protecting ourselves and others, being able to spend our time relaxing comfortably and pleasantly is certainly important.

Giorgetti furnishings can certainly help us achieve this goal, since they were designed and built to provide ideal comfort and satisfy necessary functions in the home.

There are many excellent furnishings from Giorgetti, however today we would like to tell you about one timeless piece in particular, made in 2014, and still a bestseller in today's collection. We're talking about Ago, made for Giorgetti by designer Carlo Colombo.

This sofa has a structure solid canaletto walnut upholstered in fine leather or fabric. The feet are made in the shape of a needle and that is where it got its name.

The eye of this "needle" seems to have a thread passing through it that livens up the texture of the upholstery of the part padded with goose down.

The structure of the base comes in solid canaletto walnut, but also in liquid metal with a bronze or titanium finish, which makes the sofa able to satisfy different tastes through the hi-tech variant.

The exclusive look of this sofa is completed with its modern lines, softened by a selection of cushions that can be added as accessories to obtain a pleasant "shelter" effect.

Ago is certainly the ideal place to spend unforgettable hours enjoying the "beauty of being at home".