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Frame by Giorgetti:Perfect Harmony with Wood,Leather, Marble

One of the most interesting pieces in the Giorgetti collection is the Frame valet stand designed by Carlo Colombo, a truly exclusive project for its particular composition of materials.

Wood, leather and marble meet to form a piece of furniture that can offer an unexpected tactile experience, culminating in the perfect harmonization of the three materials.

On one hand we have wood, a simple material with personality, which stands out for its particular grain in the shades of grey that characterize genuine maple.

On the other hand we find saddle leather, used to make the lateral frame of the valet stand. It combines perfectly with the wood to produce an exclusive graphic figure, enhanced by the maple wood grain.

Lastly, the marble base completes the piece, enriching Frame with elegance and sophisticated style that is so prevalent in a home decorated with Giorgetti furniture.

Different accessories are also available to customise the product even more: metal hooks to hang clothing on, and a round height-adjustable mirror with a tray.