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New from Giorgetti

Giorgetti's creativity has never stopped. Despite the long lockdown, they've been busy adding to their collections by developing new products for 2020. The brand has created a variegated collection that will be able to satisfy many home-related needs.

In a journey from east to west, the focus of these products embraces the world from Asia to the United States, passing through Europe. The brand has launched two important new collaborations, the first with designer Adam D. Tihany, who interprets the habits of the Old Continent in New York style; and the second with Japanese designers Setsu & Shinobu Ito, whose particularly dynamic and innovative style features their great ability to create elegant, fluid shapes.

In addition, Giorgetti has also confirmed the collaborations already established with great Italian designers like Carlo Colombo, Roberto Palomba+Ludovica Serafini, Roberto Lazzeroni, Umberto Asnago and Leonardo Dainelli. The company's own R&D department has also continued creating new products for the living and dining room, the bedroom, the home office and outdoor areas.

For the first time this year, even the ATMOSPHERE collection will be expanded with a few exclusive pieces created by Carlo Colombo and Virginia Harper, just to mention a few names.

Given this particular time, these new pieces will be presented to the public during the next few weeks with digital tools and alternative forms of communication, always considering the company's priorities: beauty, conceptual richness, functionality and a maniacal passion for detail.