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Nuovo Kiri by Giorgetti: Modernity and Ancient Oriental Char

With the new pieces from the 2020 collection, Giorgetti continues to contribute to the culture of contemporary design by analysing new aesthetic expressions that can satisfy a wide range of residential needs.

An example of this continuous research is the journey from east to west - from Japan to the United States through Europe - that the brand took as it formed important new collaborations, first of all, with the Japanese design team Setsu & Shinobu Ito.

The result of this collection of different stylistic and cultural experiences is Kiri, is a bar cabinet that looks like a treasure chest. It is perfect for creating an exclusive furnishing scheme.

The name is inspired by an ancient Japanese tradition in which families would plant a Kiri tree whenever a daughter was born. The Kiri is also known as the "empress tree", and it is very special because its trunk does not bend or crack and it is even resistant to fire.

The legend narrates that the tree would grow with the child and, for her wedding, its trunk would be cut and fashioned into a precious cabinet that the new bride could use in her new home.

Therefore, the Kiri bar cabinet presents the charm of this ancient tradition combined with modernity, resulting in this precious treasure chest that reflects the poetry that the Japanese designers transferred to this ambitious project. Moreover, this cabinet perfectly demonstrates the manufacturing expertise of Giorgetti, which is particularly evident from its exterior in vertical canaletto walnut strips and its fine carved marble top.