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New Giorgetti 2020 Collection: Host Bar Cabinet

Giorgetti has undertaken new collaborations with several designers for its 2020 collection, and one of these is with Adam D. Tihany.

He has designed an exclusive interpretation of the bar cabinet. Giorgetti presents Host, an elegant furnishing accessory that makes it possible to enjoy the typical Italian before-dinner ritual by making aperitifs and cocktails at home.

It strongly evokes the New York retro style of the 1950s, a time in which the first cocktail bars became part of the daily post-war culture. Host is an element that can adapt impeccably to any living room.

With a lightweight, versatile cart that looks right at home in the living or dining room, this bar cabinet is perfect for residential or contract environments and can also be inserted into class or hyper-contemporary atmospheres.

With its curved lines that harmonise seamlessly with the typical Giorgetti rigour, Host is a truly unique object, destined to add a touch of irony to any room where it is placed.