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Giorgetti Launches Digital Channel for New Collection

Giorgetti has experimented with a new way of presenting its 2020 collection, through the creation of an exclusive digital broadcast.

The digital channel emerges from the need to create an alternative to the Salone del Mobile, which was unfortunately cancelled this year, to share a wealth of ideas and very complex products with its partners and clients.

In fact, during the long months of lockdown, Giorgetti found the time to reflect and come up with alternative solutions to replace those that it normally uses to present its products. This is where the experimentation began.

Digital innovation has been crucial for this time of emergency, and therefore it was the ideal solution for filling the gaps inevitably left by closing down so much for so long.

Through the channel, the brand has tried to transmit emotions, values and the unique nature of its products in a project that combines art and technology. The success of this union has already been tested in the production area. It combines expert craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to achieve a winning result.

With the presentation of the 2020 collection, Giorgetti offers its fans a journey from east to west - from Asia to the United States, passing through Europe - thanks to which it became possible to understand the extensive research and close collaborations that made the new products possible. These relationships are presented on the new digital channel.

Specifically, the products become the stars of Pinkham Point, a program with episodes that uses digital technology to reveal to the public the refined spaces of a marvellous modern home where the new proposals are featured alongside Giorgetti's classic pieces.

The exclusive project is completed through advanced cinematography techniques involving wide tracking shots and closeups, accompanied by a crescendo of exciting music. This is the poetic context in which the many Giorgetti proposals are set to decorate the living and dining rooms, the kitchen, the den, the bedrooms and the outdoor areas.