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Giorgetti Starts Pinkham Point

Giorgetti has launched its digital channel and a new project, Pinkham Point, a film presenting different episodes made with digital technology that showcases the sophisticated rooms of a virtual home furnished in modern style where the new collections mix with Giorgetti's classic pieces.

The film features cinematography techniques such as wide tracking shots and closeups accompanied by a musical crescendo that renders the atmosphere even more interesting. The story is an almost poetic narrative: life according to Giorgetti.

The first episode came out recently. Dedicated to the living room, first it presents the modular Skyline sofas designed by Carlo Colombo along with the Aura armchairs by Umberto Asnago, and then the renewed sofa Dhow by Andrei Munteanu.

Also featured in the room were the new Janet armchairs, also designed by Umberto Asnago, characterised by a deliberate contrast between the solid external silhouette and the softness and comfort of the seat.

Another featured product is the truly innovative bar cabinet Kiri designed by Setsu & Shinobu Ito, which functions as a bridge between ancient Japanese traditions and contemporary life.

The film continues by presenting the low variant of the modular system Domus designed by Carlo Colombo with the Centro Ricerche Giorgetti (the company's R&D department), which is a highly versatile project that can be arranged in many different combinations.

In the background, the iconic products from the brand outline the scene. The Progetti armchairs and the Galet pouf integrate with the different accessories from the Atmosphere collection, such as the Clop rocking horse, the Shighera rug and others timeless classics like the Bond room divider.

The film project was supervised by the company's Art Director Giancarlo Bosio, in collaboration with Giorgetti's designers and Superresolution, a graphic design studio specialised in creating virtual environments.