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Pinkham Point by Giorgetti: Episode 2

After the first episode of Pinkham Point, Giorgetti has launched the second episode on the Giorgetti Channel, revealing the atmosphere in the dining room and kitchen.

In the dining room, the Ago table designed by Carlo Colombo, is the centre of attention. The balanced interplay of contrasts highlights the table's impressive structure defined by a light minimalist outline.

The table is offered with a top in Calacatta purple marble, an elegant luxury material that showcases all of the extraordinary value of Giorgetti craftsmanship. The base is shaped like a needle (Ago means "needle" in Italian) and its eye underscores the elliptical shape of the metal structure.

Around the table, the Bicolette chairs designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba are a combination of a chair and an armchair. The seams along the backrests, the real added value of the project, accent their vertical shape.

Other pieces featured are the Charlotte sideboard, matched with some new Atmosphere accessories including the Miro rug, the Spaziotempo lamp, the Cuckoo Clock and the Area marble tray.

In the kitchen, the absolute protagonist is GK.03, a project featuring combinations of fine materials that produce striking visual impact. The kitchen is the place where the greatest interior decorating furnishing schemes integrate to form a prestigious environment.