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Marvellous Wooden Furniture by Giorgetti

The details of the woodworking techniques used to make many of the most popular products from Giorgetti have been presented on the Giorgetti Channel, the brand's new digital outlet. The presentation was done through a short film called Special Wood Manufacturing made by the MUSE Factory of Project, which also featured some of the new creations for 2020, made of this precious material. The designers of products also described them in the film, down to the smallest details.

Each piece of wood that was used is unique in colour, grain and shape, and for this reason, each piece of furniture is unique.

Alessandro Guarisco, Giorgetti R&D Manager, specifically spoke of the curved shapes of the furnishings in the new collection, highlighting the company's expertise in choosing and treating the wood, the precision of its CNC machinery and, most importantly, the extensive technical preparation and artistic sense of the company's artisans.

Among the examples of well-built furniture is Kiri, the most recent bar cabinet created by the design team Setsu & Shinobu Ito, which has an exterior made in individually shaped vertical slats of canaletto walnut.

Carlo Colombo also presented two new products that he designed for Giorgetti: the Ago table and the Spaziotempo table lamp. The table variant with the wood top is made with wedges, and the wood has a particular grain that forms a mirror effect.

The structure of Spaziotempo is also particular, made of a rectangle in canaletto walnut: in this case, the meeting point between the top surface and the sides is highlighted with a particular comb joint, a fine detail that makes the lamp truly unique.

Lastly, the voice of Umberto Asnago explains the metal base of the Janet armchair, which is enhanced and enclosed by two pairs of turned solid wood parts. In this way, the seat seems to float over the base in a harmonious contrast between the solidity of the external shell and the softness of the seat and backrest.