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Giorgetti's Marble Creations

Following the same itinerary that it introduced for its creations in wood, Giorgetti has continued telling the story of its know-how on the Giorgetti Channel with a new episode explaining the details of marble processing. This has also been the perfect occasion to present some of the most beautiful products for 2020 made with this precious material and described by the designers who created them.

The story behind this impressive process is presented to us by Pierluigi Sappa, Giorgetti Purchasing Manager, who described the complex process used to select pieces of marble.

Many designers lent their voices to describing the marble process through their products. Setsu & Shinobu Ito told viewers why they decided to use marble because it is a symbol of western civilization, and they combined it with wood, which is instead historically closer to Asian culture. The product focused on is Hineri, its name derived from the Japanese term for "torsion". This vase represents the "bridge" between the solidity of marble and the curved shape of the object.

After than, Giancarlo Bosio, Giorgetti Art Director talked about his new products: Scaleno, Summa and Area. Scaleno, in particular, is a small table made of marble, leather and wood to create a combination of simplicity and peculiarity.

Summa is, instead, a valet stand that presents the characteristic signs of Bosio's creativity: an interplay of geometries and the combination of slabs of different materials like marble, wood and glass.

Lastly, Area is a family of marble trays created to build a sort of "architecture of the table" with variegated colours and geometric shapes.