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New Giorgetti 2020 Collection on Giorgetti Channel

Giorgetti has decided to share the details of the process that brought them to create the 2020 collection through the brand's official digital channel: Giorgetti Channel.

The voice explaining the main concept that links the 2020 products is Giovanni del Vecchio, Giorgetti CEO, who illustrated how the company has always distinguished itself for the combination of beauty and functionality, maniacal attention to detail and the creation of unique projects.

Federico Bianca, Giorgetti Commercial Director, was equally effective in telling viewers about the elegance and variety of the materials that the company chooses for its new creations.

The brand's collection is enhanced with new tables, chairs, systems, cabinets and decorative objects - all in wood - the main material that Giorgetti has always used. In fact, wood is the undisputed focal point, next to leather, metal, glass and marble.