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Giorgetti Furnishings Used at Buxmead Club

Giorgetti has taken part in a residential project involving an award-winning complex of three attics, six duplex homes and eleven lateral flats built on a 2.5 acre site with private gardens in London: the Buxmead Club.

In addition to this, the complex also houses twenty flats ranging from 250 to 900 square meters, which are the object of a large renovation project supervised by Harrison Varma.

Each space has been outfitted with highly technological modern elements.

The Buxmead Club complex also includes a covered Olympic-sized swimming pool, a spa and a cinema. It could be defined as a "luxury citadel" where people can live with all the comforts that they desire.

Giorgetti contributed to the project with several different pieces from their collection: the armchairs Progetti Blossom, Mobius 2011 and Normal; the Martini sofa; the Rea bed; and the Morfeo night tables.

Careful attention to detail, artisan craftsmanship, technology and new materials are the finishing touch on this project, and all confirm that Giorgetti knows how to create truly unique residential spaces.