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Alma: Giorgetti's Desk in its Purest Form

The Alma desk was created by the architect and product designer Pamela Amine to fully express the intimacy of a timeless piece of furniture conceived as the ideal sanctuary in one's own production space.

With its clean shape and pure wood, Alma celebrates the primary function of a place where creation happens. This design object attempts to open the mind towards new knowledge.

The Alma desk by Giorgetti comes in three different configurations to fit specific needs: one with a convenient raised part containing a LED lamp and upholstered in saddle leather, and the second with two raised leather upholstered parts with LED lighting integrated into the one on the back of the desk. The last configuration also has a large chest of drawers, in the same fine Canaletto walnut and saddle leather, which can be placed to the right or left of the main structure.

The curves of this piece highlight the intimate but functional construction in solid walnut enhanced with saddle leather details and metal inserts finished in bronze paint.